Friday, June 19, 2009

The Amazing Healing Properties Of Vinegar

Vinegar has played a major role in the history of man since he first began to herd animals and to grow and harvest his own food supply.
Some foods are more than mere nourishment. Through the very characteristic of their chemical composition they are amazing healers, and because of this, they are now a part of our history.
Vinegar is one such liquid, it was first mentioned for it's preservation and healing powers around 7,000 years ago in Babylon.

What is Vinegar?
Vinegar is an acidic liquid, a product obtained from the fermentation of alcohol.It is used as a condiment,preservative,cleanser and medicament.It is sharp in flavour and may be rich or mellow.

Most of us at one time or another have used vinegar in our cooking and salad dressings, and even on our hot chips, but did you also know that different varieties of vinegar can also be used for healing and household cleaning?
I am going to cover the healing side of vinegar in this blog and I will also add another blog with all the cleaning tricks,so keep an eye out for that one.
Health Benefits:
Vinegar is a bactericide. Because the acid content in vinegar makes it a natural bactericide, it is very appropriate for minor cuts,abrasions and other skin ailments.
It is also an anti-inflammatory agent which makes it suitable for wasp stings,insect bites,shingles and sunburn.
Vinegar has been recommended since the time of Hippocrates and Galen as an aid to alleviate or cure arthritus.
*Cider vinegar is ideally suited as a mouthwash for healing mouth ulcers and for strengthening the gums.
*Use a a gargle for sore throats and for ticklish coughs.
*Drink diluted cider vinegar as an aid to digestion and costipation.
*Vinegar can be added to the rinsing water to give long lasting shiny hair.
*Use the lavendar vinegar in your bath water as a skin purifier and tonic.
*A dose of apple cider vinegar three times a day is especially recommended for patients with heart disease.

Make up a solution of 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with 1 cup of water. Dab the solution on the affected area several times a day,always wash the skin before applying.
Use a good quality white spirit vinegar for all round use. Bee Stings: Dab the sting with herbal vinegar or apple cider to bring relief.
Burns and Sunburn: To relieve the pain from minor burns, pat cold vinegar on the effected area with a clean cottonwool swab every 20 minutes.
Chapped Hands:
Make a paste of lanolin with a little vinegar added and rub well into the skin. Chronic Fatigue:
To overcome the feeling of tiredness we sometimes feel in ourselves, try this pick-me-up;
Mix 3 teaspoons of cider vinegar with 1 cup of honey and take 2 teaspoons at night before going to bed.
Ear Infections:
make up a solution of equal parts of vinegar and olive oil. Apply to the effected ear using a cotton wool bud soaked in the solution.
Foot Bath:
Add half a cup of cider vinegar to 2 litres of hot water to ease aching feet. Headache:
Soak the corner of a cotton hankerchief in white vinegar and hold to the nose for 5 minutes.
Breath deeply to inhale the smell through the nasal passages.
drink 1 tablespoon of undiluted herb vinegar. Indigestion:
Make up a syrup with 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 1 tablespoon of honey.
Swallow a teaspoon of the syrup then slowly sip a cup of hot water.
Take as often as necessary.
Poison Ivy:
Make up a solution using equal parts of vinegar and water.
Apply to the effected area with a cottonwool swab until the effects wear off.
Sore Throat:
Mix together 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey.
To get the best benefit sip the syrup slowly.
This throat mixture can be taken as and when required.
Varicose Veins:
To shrink varicose veins apply undiluted vinegar to the effected limb.
Massage the skin with the bare hands wet with the vinegar and rub well in.

While herbal vinegars are easy to make, you will find the vinegars and other ingredients in the above recipes at your local food store.

Each recipe gives you precise details and will also guide you in your own efforts to create your own recipes.

You will soon discover that you don't need a cupboard full of pills and potions that cost the earth to buy, just try a few of the recipes above and you will soon see just how much money you can save.